Information and costs

The costs of listing your accommodation on all the websites are £45 (UK) / €49 (EU) a year (excluding VAT).

  • There are no hidden costs or further obligations.
  • This includes listing on all the websites.
  • Your membership will be automatically extended annually. If you would like to remove the listing after it has been automatically extended, no additional costs will be incurred.

    If your listing includes a recommendation for a hiking or cycle route, then you are entitled to a discount of £5 (UK) / €5 (EU) over the first year. A digital route (gpx, kml, kmz, etc.) even entitles you to a discount of £10 (UK) / €10 (EU) over the first year, providing the route is not yet featured on our websites and is a hiking route of at least 80 km or a cycle route of at least 150 km. It must also be a continuous route and not available commercially on the internet.

  • What do you get for this amount?

    • Your own unique page for your accommodation on all sites:
      • Eye-catcher (photo and text)
      • Your photo album (responsive)
      • You can describe and organise your accommodation, facilities and specific particulars in detail
      • You have your own contact page, so visitors can get in touch with your directly.
      • Possibility for providing specific walking and/or cycling packages
      • We create your own walking and cycling map for your location and include it on your page
      • Your particular page will be translated by us into English, French, German and Dutch

    • Your accommodation will be regularly visible on the homepage of the various websites.

    • Your accommodation can be found on the various maps and in the accompanying list:
      • Country maps
      • Maps displayed as results to a search for a city or village
      • Particular walking and cycling routes for your accommodation

    • Your accommodation ranks with priority in the list
    • When the visitor clicks on your accommodation on the map or in the list, your personal page on the websit will be displayed
    • We ensure that your accommodation is linked to any new routes
    • As this is your personal page with diverse informaton, it will rank well in search engines such as Google